Patched works

Dutch designers Herso's range of "patchwork" furniture is made with reclaimed wood, non-toxic glue and all their by-products are recycled.

It’s always good to see interesting pieces of furniture made from reclaimed wood. And even more so when the entire production process is characterised by sustainable considerations.

Dutch company Herso has created range of “patchwork” furniture, using reclaimed wood. The elliptical form of some of the pieces gives it something of a unique edge, compared to many other furniture pieces made from recycled materials. The steel used in some of the tables is upcycled from old pig enclosures.

Herso’s designs all use natural collagen-based glues and VOC-free linseed oil for the top coat and sealant. In addition to using reclaimed and non-toxic materials, Herso also adhere to the cradle-to-cradle design philosophy.

Even the by-products from Herso’s furniture production process is upcycled. In various instances it used as compost, premium cat litter, industrial alcohol or biofuel.

Herso’s eco-awareness also extends to their working hours. To ease the burden on the grid they often schedule the heavy woodworking to be done on Saturdays. And what’s more, for each table made from waste materials, Herso’s plants a new tree in a park in Heeswijk in The Netherlands.

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