Parow power for Puma

If the shoe fits... You should probably get a pair of the limited-edition designs by none other than rapper Jack Parow.

From the Series

Afrikaans rap sensation Jack Parow’s creative prowess stretches far beyond the offbeat lyrics of his songs and his unique dress sense.

Parow is the winner of the Puma Creative Factory’s custom-shoe design programme. The programme called on creatives to let their imagination run free to create a fun and bespoke shoe, with the materials supplied by Puma.

The Purple Headed Yogurt Slingers and Parow Gold were the designs that got Parow voted into first place. Parow Gold definitely looks like something the Cooler as Ekke-singer would be very comfortable in.

Parow’s shoes are available in a limited-edition at the Puma shop in Canal Walk, Cape Town.

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