Park lights

Jason Bruges Studio's "Back to Front" installation creates an enjoyable and dynamic experience for park-goers.
Front to Back by Jason Bruges Studio.
Front to Back by Jason Bruges Studio.

Reflecting the vibrancy of downtown Toronto, Jason Bruges Studio’s latest interactive artwork will provide pedestrians with an enjoyable and dynamic experience.

Jason Bruges Studio, commissioned by award-winning Canadian developer Tridel, will design an innovative and interactive art installation in one of Toronto’s busiest districts.

The installation will be titled “Back to Front” and will consist of multiple granite structures, which light up or fade as the day turns to night or as weather changes from sunny to gloomy.

The installation will be able to detect static shadows from buildings, light and shade resulting from different times of day and seasonal changes, as well as dynamic movement from surrounding people and trees. These shadows are sensed and transformed to reveal animated silhouettes on each of the monoliths.

The aim of the installation is to create an enjoyable and dynamic experience for pedestrians, says the studio.

Natural materials will be used in the construction of the installation to reflect Tridel’s history; stonemason Jack DelZotto established the company, and Jason Bruges Studio will echo this history through generating long-lasting and memorable structures.

“Back to Front” will launch in Autumn 2014 and permanently reside in Tridel’s development park, which is open to the public.