Parallel: Si MacLennan and Ross Symons collaborate on a new project

The two artists have incorporated their unique styles into a colourful creation.

South African designers Si MacLennan and Ross Symons have combined their unique talents in a collaborative project they call Parallel. Given their unique talents and individual successes, they came together to form a super collaboration of design, creativity and vision. MacLennan and Symons describe their work as “part science, part human emotion”. 

MacLennan previously featured on design Indaba for his debut show Geometcentricity, in May 2015. After years of commercial success, he decided to use all that he had learnt in the formation of his own trademark style. His designs combine strategic geometry with an enchanting blend of colour.

Ross Symons’ skill, alternately, lies in the art of paper folding. His 2014 Instagram project in origami is what started his career. Symons, commonly known online as White On Rice, similarly plays with the colourful but adds magic to his origami creations through stop-motion skits.

The collection was displayed at Red Bull Studios, for the April 2016 First Thursdays display. Red Bull Studios Cape Town is one of 10 global studios dedicated to the development of visual arts. The studio hopes to be a springboard for local artists.