PaperLab recycles and makes paper at the office

Epson’s latest innovation that turns waste paper into new paper is paving the way for in-office recycling.
Epson PaperLab
Epson PaperLab

Japanese electronics company, Epson is planning the release of an in-office recycling and papermaking machine called PaperLab in 2016. The compact system, believed to be the first of its kind, is able to immediately recycle all kinds of paper into new sheets of paper on site. The innovative process completely rules out the vehicle carbon emissions and pollution created by transporting and processing paper through recycling plants.

PaperLab runs on Dry Fibre Technology, which uses a minimal amount of water in comparison to the amounts of water used to break down paper into fibre at recycling plants. Once waste or scrap paper is inserted, the machine takes approximately three minutes to produce new paper. The user has control over the type of recycled paper produced by adjusting the thickness, colour, size and even fragrance settings on PaperLab.

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