Paper Scissors Stone

Recycled magazines, wood, broken glass and brass are transformed into bespoke jewellery pieces in Quazi Design's new Paper Scissors Stone collection.

From the Series

The earth is never plain
It is round and smooth
Formed from the paper you call waste
Outer core and inner core
Mantle and crust
So precious so unique
With precious layers
Of precious papers
Touched by precious hands
This is my paper earth

This poem encompasses the essence of Quazi Design’s new collection of jewellery, Paper Scissors Stone, where every piece has been made from recycled materials.

Recycled magazines, wood, broken glass and brass are hardly conventional materials for jewellery design, but in utilising these materials Quazi pushes the boundaries of craft, social responsibility and innovative techniques

The collection was inspired by the versatility of raw materials and sees each piece exploring ways in which paper can be reused and transformed back into its original wood form. 

Based in Swaziland, Quazi Design creates products that are handmade by local women. At this year’s MTN Bushfire music and arts festival they launched their Paper Scissors Stone limited collection of jewellery.

Quazi is committed to empowering  local residents through skill sharing programmes, with all proceeds from the the collection going to their school fees fund, a savings scheme for the artisans who make their products.