Paper pleasure

Antalis South Africa's gorgeous Munken Journal is sure to provide inspiration overload, for all creatives - even if it's just at heart.

In the beginning there was nothing. But then, in between, a lot of creative things happened so that, in the end, they could conclude that “no religions were harmed or consulted in the making of this notebook”.

The “notebook” referred to is the third Munken Journal designed for Antalis South Africa by Grid Worldwide. Antalis wanted a unique and creative journal to showcase the Munken range of papers.

With interesting quotes by designers and creative thought-leaders, the journal is dedicated to “Creatives” and reflects a seven-stage design process. These stages are: Define, research, ideate, prototype, select, implement and learn.

The Munken Journal is ideally suited to support the ideas and musings of the creative fields since the different types of paper found in the journal are all of a particularly high quality, and there’s even sheet music paper at the back.

Titbits in between include “A Design Manifesto”, a “Buzzword Bingo”, “Samurai Sudoku”, information on printing techniques and environmental concerns. Antalis believes that “inferior paper can make even the best design seem just average”, therefore using the best quality paper in the journal. Munken will always display work beautifully so “let your imagination be your only limitation when it comes to designing and printing”.