Pakiet: A modular collection by Polish design studio Zieta

Polish design studio, Zieta have just released their new collection Pakiet – a modular, flat-pack family of furniture that comes in raw plywood and steel.

From the Series

Polish design studio, Zieta Prozessdesign is a multidisciplinary team of architects, designers, engineers and technologists. The studio focuses on creating objects that combine technology and craftsmanship and offer innovative solutions to design challenges.

At London Design Festival 2015, Zieta presented their new product Pakiet, which is their first venture into designing with wood. The Pakiet collection is modular, made of raw materials such as spruce plywood and raw steel, and is simple and fast to assemble.

The use of plywood minimises the cost of production, making the final products available to a wider customer base. The Pakiet collection is ideal for students, young families and start-up businesses. The modular design is easy to transport and store.

The Pakiet collection is highly personalisable: the raw plywood is easy to paint and decorate, and the metal clips are available in steel or (for a more refined look) in copper. The client, say Zieta, becomes the final link in the design chain: assembling the functional piece of furniture with no need for any additional tools.

“Our driving goal is to deliver unique and customised designs and constructions while keeping the production, transport and warehousing innovatively efficient. This is how we imagine the world of future: Light, durable structures of customised applications, efficiently produced on demand out of one-of-a-kind parts. Customised pattern, customised form, customised function, one-of a-kind product and outstanding precision is what we deliver,” says the company.