Our top 10 design projects on Kickstarter

It’s #DesignMonth on Kickstarter! We select our favourite new inventions – from a toothbrush made of bioplastic to an inside-out umbrella.

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May is #DesignMonth at Kickstarter so in tribute to the role that design has played in the more than 200,000 creative projects that have been backed by millions of people since its inception in 2009, we’re selecting our favourite projects to find startup success.

1. The Urban Death Project

Death may not be avoidable but the environmental damage that current burial and cremation practices causes is. The Urban Death Project has developed a method of turning our physical bodies into soil after we die, using aerobic decomposition and microbial activity the body will fully decompose within a few months allowing the growth of new life.

Why we like it: It’s poetic and pragmatic. We are all going to disappear into the earth eventually; we prefer our legacy to be the nourishment of a rose garden or a giant oak tree.

2. Candylab Toys

Candylab Toys realised its dream of making long-lasting vintage-themed wooden toys over a year ago. The toys’ simple clean lines and retro aesthetic, not to mention the well thought out packaging, won the hearts of hipster parents all over the world. Now, the team is back with five fantastic new designs with a view to eventually creating a whole Candylab universe.

Why we like it: Plastic toys are mass-produced and unimaginative, but the creativity and detail that have gone into Candylab’s wooden range are almost certain to get adults playing with their children again.

3. Link

Link has re-designed an item of clothing that has been used the same way for centuries. It’s a magnetic clasped belt that can be readjusted or tightened in one quick hand movement. It’s stylish, comfortable and eliminates clumsy unbuckling.

Why we like it: The design team behind Link has taken all aspects of what is required from a belt (some we didn’t even realise we needed) and developed an accessory that is useful and good-looking, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

4. Rhino Slider EVO

Photographers capture more difficult time-lapse and live-motion shots by using sliders. Rhino Slider’s first product was a manual version and was well received, but their latest offering, – the Rhino Slider EVO – is motorised and has some incredible new features.

Why we like it: It’s child’s play to set up and has been designed to be compatible with the earlier version. It can also run on batteries if necessary and has been designed to work entirely unmanned.

5. KAZbrella

KAZbrella has literally inverted the design of the umbrella so that it closes upwards, folding rainwater in with it. An additional benefit of this design is the fact that if it happens to blow inside out, a click of a button will right it again. This simple design change has completely revolutionised a clumsy yet necessary accessory using water-resistant fabric and robust mechanisms.

Why we like it: You won’t get stuck between an open umbrella and the car door whilst trying to get in or out. Plus, no more wet car seats, puddles of water on the floor or people being poked in the eye.

6. TiGr Mini

Stolen bikes are the scourge of any big city and most of the bulky, heavy anti-theft locks kill the enjoyment of riding. TiGr’s titanium lock is stored between the handlebars and the seat when not in use. Now it is back with the TiGr Mini. It has the same degree of strength but is half the size and uses half the titanium.

Why we like it: The TiGr Mini works with the same principle as the original, but is much smaller and clips to your water-bottle holder.

7. Tableau

Too often house plants are over-watered or left parched. Tableau has come up with a tray that perfectly administers the correct amount of water exactly where and when the plant needs it. A container attached to the tray is filled with water, which is slowly released under the plant and drawn up through its roots.

Why we like it: It’s not always easy to combine practical science with aesthetics but Tableau’s House Plant Watering Tray is so beautifully designed you will want to display it in your home.

8. Good Hangups

Finally, here is a quick, simple way to hang unframed posters, prints, photographs or your children’s artworks. Good Hangups has created a simple magnetic system that uses a sticker attached to any surface with small magnets that hold the poster up from the outside.

Why we like it: Absolutely no tools are required to use Good Hangups. The magnetic stickers attach to any surface and can be reused. Furthermore, they don’t leave any marks at all on either the walls or the poster.

9. Snap

Snap is an innovative way to create your own furniture. They are adjustable and reusable table legs or brackets that just snap onto the edges of a flat surface, instantly transforming it into a table, bench or set of shelves. No tools are necessary and you can create a new piece of furniture in minutes. If you need a temporary piece of furniture you can use absolutely anything in your home that resembles a tabletop.

Why we like it: They are perfect for small spaces where furniture can be stored flat and quickly assembled when necessary. Snap also comes in a variety of colours, so you are likely to find one to match your existing scheme.

10. Tio Toothbrush

Tons of plastic goes into making an object used globally and replaced every few months. A lot of research went into re-designing a product used twice a day by billions of people. Two industrial engineers have come up with the Tio toothbrush, which uses bioplastics. In addition, you only replace the top half of the toothbrush, which is also the only part that is packaged. The bristles have had a design overhaul and are now even more functional.

Why we like it: Current toothbrushes put aesthetics above all else. This product focusses on the science of oral hygiene without negatively impacting our environment.

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