Origin of chair at Basel2010

Stefan Sagmeister's funky new Darwin Chair tells the story of the evolution of the universe.

They say change is as good as holiday so it’s really cool that you can change the appearance of a chair by simply ripping off a piece of paper.

Stefan Sagmeister’s Darwin Chair is a free-swinging structure that includes over 200 layered prints. This means that when the top layer gets dirty or tired it can simply be removed, giving the chair a fresh, new look. And the remaining perforation eventually forms a clever and comfortable headrest.

The different sheets are all printed with intricate and abstract patterns representing the creation and evolution of the universe, beginning with plant, progressing to animal and human life, and finally making its way to the digital revolution.

The pages were all printed on HP water-resistant banner paper for extra durability. The Darwin Chair was one of the exhibits at Dutch design company, Droog’s presentation at Design Miami/Basel recently.

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