Organic shades

Fernando and Humberto Campana combine elements of French and Brazilian culture to create an unconventional light source.

As its name suggests, Fusion combines two very distinct cultures and creative territories resulting in an exotic and unconventional light source.

Brazilian design brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana take inspiration from traditional French crystal manufacturing expertise and combine it with their signature style of incorporating a traditional Brazilian element into all their artistic creations.

Fusion comprises five lights; small table lamps, pendant lamps and a chandelier. Made from natural bamboo or wicker, the Campana brothers handcrafted each lamp using weaving and plaiting techniques to create each of the five delicate lampshades. Each shade is complemented by an array of colourful crystal elements, which brighten up the lamp while reflecting precious patterns.

Fusion contrasts smooth and textured surfaces and give a new meaning to the principle of collage; a crossroad of art and design. 

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