Ordinary fun

Adding a bit of playfulness to the everyday objects that we interact with... Check out Bitplay's first collection.

Sometimes it the little things that trigger something bigger. And that’s why a group of Taiwanese designers call themselves Bitplay.

Asking why we shouldn’t have fun with our everyday objects, it is important to them that things are both useable and elegant. Adding a touch of playfulness is enhances it a bit more.

Keen to design a collection with a sense of humour, Puzzle, Bang! and TikTikTik form their first collection of products.

Puzzle lets you play with time, in a way. This design makes it fun to set your alarm clock by allowing the user to manipulate the numbers. A wooden box has four digits against the face and the user physically arranges the strokes of the digital numbers to set the time on the alarm. When correctly set, the alarm icon lights up in the corner of the face.

And if ever you have a bit of a penchant for violence before bed, you’ll enjoy Bang! By firing a gun at a lamp, it turns the light out. It even knocks the lampshade to the side, just so you’re sure it’s been hit.

TikTikTik is another unique light experience. By pulling down TikTikTik’s pull chain, one is able to determine the length of time that the light will remain on. And the further you pull the chain, the longer the light will stay on. The lights will dim slowly towards the end, subtly preparing you for bed time.

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