One wheel

The Solowheel is small, convenient, eco-friendly, compact and fun - without reinventing the wheel.

From the Series

Generally speaking, a unicycle is not known for its sexiness. And most people still have a sepia-tainted mental image of something pre-bicycle when they hear “unicycle”.

Welcome to the Solowheel, destroyer of all things 18th century about the unicycle. The people transporter in question is compact, carbon neutral and oh-so cool.

Conceptualised by the Inventist, the Solowheel uses gyroscope technology to make this new self-balancing electric unicycle easier to ride than any other folding electric bike

The Solowheel is operated by batteries and consists of a wheel and two foldable foot platforms while internally it uses gyro sensors. The mechanical bits are hidden under a slim case with leg pads and a handle for easy carrying.

Speed control works by leaning. Lean forward to go forward or lean backwards to slow down. The gyro sensors, and left and right steering capability mean that you can simply step and go.