Old and new

Nendo's "Akimoku" furniture collection highlights the beauty in ageing wood, giving it modern appeal and more than a touch of class.

From old to new, Nendo’s Akimoku collection emphasises the charm in ageing wood.

Japanese design studio Nendo have designed a collection of wooden furniture for Edition Blue that reveals unique techniques and skills of Japan’s only specialist bentwood furniture maker, Akita Mokko.

A selection of pieces from the firm's 102-year-old archive have been modified to emphasis the beauty in bentwood details, simplify parts to reduce cost and add new functionality.

Our process of reforming and updating aimed to bring out the distinctive nature of existing designs, while keeping down costs such as new metal moulds and fixtures, says Nendo.

With this in mind, the studio turned the legs of a stool upside down and used them as the legs for a low table. They further reused the legs of an existing dining table for a workbench-style table.

The tops of the tables are painted in various colours to provide an unexpected visual delight when tables and chairs are seen together. 

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