Objects made from old plastic bags

Industrial designer Carter Zufelt has developed a system that recycles plastic bags into marbled household objects that celebrate their origins.

From the Series

Utah-based Industrial designer Carter Zufelt has come up with a series of household objects that are made only from recycled bags. Instead of dying or bleaching the plastic however, Zufelt has chosen to celebrate the marbled, “chaotic beauty” of the material. 

When Zufelt was in his final year of university, he developed two pieces of furniture with elements made from old plastic bags. He had discovered in his research that the US alone uses 100 billion plastic bags a year and that each bag takes 1000 years to break down. Both his pieces of furniture went on to win design awards.

Since then, Zufelt has been developing the recycling process and has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help him launch his new range Müll (the word means trash in German). The range currently has three products designed to declutter their owner’s personal space.

The Müll range, says Zufelt, is aimed at making “the world a cleaner place, one bag at a time”.

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