The NoteSlate proposes an electronic alternative to paper.

In design, as in life, less is often more. With its minimalistic aesthetic and simple interface the NoteSlate aims for this ideal, while suggesting this limited-function tablet becomes the electronic (and eco-friendly?) alternative to paper.

Currently in the concept stage, the NoteSlate is the size of an A4 sheet of paper with a 33cm matte screen. All documents will be read and written in a pdf format with 1-bit colour, and the option of a black on white screen, or white, red, blue or green on a black screen.

The user interface is reduced to just three buttons. The user can “save current screen”, “delete current screen” or “view previous screen”. The basic hardware elements like the USB inputs, headphones and SD card are located at the top of the NoteSlate, together with a magnetic holder for the electronic pen and eraser. There is also the optional wifi feature and mp3 playback. A single battery charge lasts up to 180 hours.

The proposed date for the release of the NoteSlate is June 2011.