Nostalgic smells

From Indian weddings to British tea times, Tom Dixon has created a series of candles that evoke nostalgic memories.

Tom Dixon’s latest addition to his unique accessory collection Eclectic, is a range of memory-evoking scented candles.

Dixon has created a series of three scented candles, each capturing the essence of past memories. The candles serve as a juxtaposition of the vibrant future of British life with travelling, trading and a nostalgic past.

Each candle comes in a container that is hand-spun from copper, brass or nickel. All containers come with a solid Indian Morwad marble lid to lock in the scent when the candle is not in use.

With names like "London", "Royalty" and "Orientalist", Dixon uses the acid-etching technique to mark the names of each candle onto the container in an intricate manner.

“London” is encased in a copper container and smells of red brick walls, London parks and the salty River Thames.

“Royalty” evokes memories of a traditional British tea time. It smells of Earl Grey, scones, strawberry jam and the drive home in a 1952 Bentley with tatty leather seats. The candle is encased in a nickel container.

“Orientalist” is encased in a brass container and recalls memories for the traveller. It is reminiscent of an Indian wedding with rose petal garlands, beach stalls selling giant cinnamon sticks, and the musky smell of Chinese herbal markets.

When the candles have been used, the containers can be displayed as beautiful decorations that remind of a nostalgic past.

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