No spillage at DI2011 Expo

First time exhibitors at Design Indaba Expo in 2011, Spilt Milk found a whole new market for their range of classic and feminine designs.

With its signature pleating, draping, piping and pintucks, Spilt Milk discovered a new market at Design Indaba Expo. “All my large sizes were sold out by the first day,” says designer Alma van den Berg. She was pleasantly surprised at the interest her designs evoked with a more mature market. “I am used to a younger age group so I was amazed that the ‘more mature woman’ found my designs appealing, this is great.”

Together with becoming aware of this new market opportunity, Van den Berg says she feels very “blessed” with all the sales she had at Expo, and the exposure that has resulted from the event.

Boutiques from across South Africa and Namibia expressed interest in Spilt Milk’s characteristically classic and feminine designs. The versatility of the garments also drew a lot of attention. Van den Berg has been in touch with buyers from Holland and Finland who are very keen to take Spilt Milk’s design to their respective countries.

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