Nigerian designer celebrates friendship in a new streetwear line

Onwuchekwa by Chikezie Daniel is a made-in-Nigeria high street brand.

Clean lines and pop colours are part of Nigerian designer Chikezie Daniel’s signature brand, Onwuchekwa. Not only does his work challenge the way men and women are meant to look, but with his new range The Electric Rebels on a Journey, Daniel celebrates the joy between kindred spirits.

“I once read that we might not all be able to do great things, but we can all do little things with great kindness,” explains Daniel. “Being a true, supportive friend is one of those great little things.”

Hailing from Abia State in Eastern Nigeria, Daniel established Onwuchekwa two years ago. He describes the brand as a rich mix of high street, urban, ready-to-wear and bespoke pieces. Since then, he has released numerous ranges that incorporate faux leather, silk and more. The latest collection, according to Daniel, is inspired by fearlessness.

He continues, “..the longing to take back society's ideas of who you should as opposed to being the realest version of yourself.”