The new generation of Cuban poster art

Cuba has a strong tradition of poster design characterised by a bold, colourful and eclectic style, which this new generation of artists are embracing.

From the Series

Slanted magazine dedicated the 21st issue of their publication to a celebration of a new generation of young Cuban artists and designers. The magazine seeks to go beyond cigars, rum and Che Guevara T-shirts to report on present-day graphic design. The 320-page issue highlights contemporary design, photography, illustration, and typography from Cuba with a special focus on Cuban poster art.

State-sponsored poster art flourished in Cuba during the Cold War era as some of the country’s most talented artists and graphic designers lent their talent to a interesting range of cultural, social, and political themes. The posters rallied the Cuban people to the task of building a new society by endorsing national literacy campaigns and massive sugar harvests to opposing the United States war in Vietnam and celebrating Cuban films, music and dance.

Slanted gives us refreshed look at how young Cubans such as Laura Llópiz, Fabián Muñoz Díaz and Yaimel López are continuing the country’s complex history of poster art and adapting it to our contemporary time.

Images courtesy of "Slanted" magazine