A new breed of musical instruments

Dutch designer Pieter-Jan Pieters and the OWOW team are putting musical controls into your hands – literally.
OWOW and Pieter Jan Pieters have designed a new music making system.
OWOW and Pieter Jan Pieters have designed a new music making system.

OWOW, a tech company in the Netherlands, has designed a new collection of small MIDI controllers (hardware or software that generates and transmits data) which, allow users to create music by making simple gestures. The collection includes five different controllers, each with a unique, easy-to-use function

The controllers are the brainchild of OWOW design head Pieter-Jan Pieters, who spoke about this project at Design Indaba 2013 as a part the young graduate panel and brought us the “Booty drums” earlier this year. There are two versions of each instrument available: the high-end aluminium-cased DVC and the more affordable bare circuit board CRD. The controllers work on a plug and play system, linking to music-making software while functioning as MIDI controllers.

“Wob” is a controller that uses a proximity sensor to react to your gestures, “Wiggle” lets you control effects by tilting and turning your hand, “Drum” triggers samples by air drumming and “Scan” lets you move a scanner over a drawing to translate it into music. The last controller, “Pads”, is the most traditional in the collection, featuring four pressure-sensitive pads made for finger drumming.

OWOW has squeezed a lot of technology into credit card-sized controllers, opening up the world of music-making to everyone from beginners to professionals who play to sold out stadiums. OH WOW, indeed.

OWOW is currently in fundraising on Kickstarter, but we’re confident these will make it to market.

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