Nebia shower head uses 70 per cent less water

A Kickstarter-funded shower system could reduce water wastage in the drought-stricken US.
Nebia shower head
Nebia shower head

With drought conditions worsening in western regions of the United States, water-saving campaigns and products are flooding the market. It’s become common knowledge that showers are high on the scale of water-wasters, and governments and eco-activist organisations are encouraging the general public to take shorter showers.

Now a group of San Francisco-based entrepreneurs have launched their Nebia shower head. Claiming that their innovative shower system uses 70 per cent less water than an average shower, the team managed to collect a massive two million dollars in funding on Kickstarter to get their product into the market.

Where an average shower uses 20 gallons of water per person, Nebia only uses six thanks to its unique design, which incorporates an existing technology used in many rocket applications. This technology is used to atomise water into very small droplets, which creates a fine but powerful mist of water that offers ten times more surface area than the average shower.

After five years developing the shower system, the team have now secured backing from Apple and are currently in a preproduction phase. Until its release in May 2016, a Nebia shower head can be pre-ordered on the company’s Kickstarter page.

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