Multi-purpose at Milan2011

Jasper Morrison’s Hal chair for Vitra is multi-functional and super comfortable.

With a large selection of bases, colours and optional seat covers, Jasper Morrison’s Hal chair for Vitra follows his “Super Normal” design philosophy which focuses on needs fulfillment, rather than extravagance.

Recently presented at the Milan Furniture Fair, the Hal chair comprises a “body-conscious seat shell made of moulded plastic”. This ensures comfort and makes for dynamic sitting with great flexibility and the ability to accommodate various sitting positions.

The fabric cover, attached by two fabric straps, can easily be detached. This makes it ideal for when it needs to be cleaned, or when a change of décor is desired.

The shell of the Hal can also be combined with different bases. Two stackable tubular steel bases can be swapped for a version with wooden legs, a version with a cantilever base or one without armrests. The Hal range also includes two barstools of varying heights.

Watch the Talk with Jasper Morrison

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