Mood swings

The Moody Couch takes a "form follows mood" approach to furniture.

Working from the point of departure that in the modern world people do not know how to relax and calm down, German American designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting created the Moody Couch.

The couch is an experiment in flexible forms, reflecting the feelings and emotions of the occupant. With a three-metre cover, which is much larger than the underlying structure of the couch, the Moody Couch retains the shape it was formed into by the last user.

Ernsting explains: “Mood is the interpretation of the sofa as a place of expression and communication. The focus lies in the mood of the user.”

Various innovative materials and techniques are used including quilting, stitching and wadding to achieve a flexible structure with underlying stability.

There is also a Moody Nest and a Moody Bag in the collection.

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