Monsters inc

Monsters monsters everywhere... On your desk, in your bathroom. But don't worry, they're eco-friendly.

The Spaghetti Monster must be every Italian food lover’s dream home gadget. Interesting then that it has its origins in Poland.

Desiged and manufactured by Katarzyna Bukowska and Filip Wcislo from Poland, The Spaghetti Monster is a desktop penholder.

Partially made with post-prodution waste, the Spaghetti Monster uses very little energy and materials, plus it’s fully recyclable. Each Spaghetti Monster is unique in shape and available in a variety of colours. The soft and flexible materials mean that the Monsters can easily work as stress balls, but you can also stab (or gently place) things like pens and toothbrushes into the Spaghetti, and it will stand upright.

Apart from stabbing the Monster, you can can squeeze, twist and stretch it to your heart’s content while knowing that it will always go back to its original form. And fear not, if it gets a little dirty from too much playing, it can simply be rinsed with water.

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