Marbles of light

Daan Roosegaarde's eye-catching MARBLES installation will illuminate the 2014 Route du Nord Light exhibition with bright and bold colours.

From the Series

All the colours of the rainbow… Daan Roosegaarde’s MARBLES installation aims to brighten and illuminate Rotterdam, the Netherlands through a constantly changing spectrum of colours.

Roosegaarde, a renowned and celebrated Dutch light and interaction designer, has designed a number of moulded shapes that interact with people. No stranger to designing interactive installations, which require visitors’ participation in creating magical experiences, Roosegaarde’s MARBLES installation uses light, sound and colour to transform landscapes into interactive playgrounds of light.

Each MARBLE contains LEDs and a number of smart sensors that instinctively respond to human touch. Once a visitor places a hand on the moulded shape, the installation’s mood changes from bored to excited through a spectrum of colours. 

Before activation, the MARBLES are dark blue in colour but once they are stroked or touched they rapidly transform into various shades of purple, green, yellow and orange until returning back to their inactivated state.

MARBLES will be on display during the 2014 Route du Nord Light exhibition from 5 to 9 February 2014 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The installation has previously been on display in other ereas around the Netherlands as well as in London, United Kingdom. 

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