#MakeChange: Honest-to-goodness products by KIN Culture

A group of South African designers have created a range of products whose sale supports KIN Culture's mission to establish an alternative model of orphan care.

From the Series

A group of small South African design studios are hoping that sales of their limited-edition wares will help make a difference to the lives of orphans in this country. CK-ramics, Non-European and Sheisvisual are collaborating with KIN Culture, a faith-based organisation that is leading an ambitious plan to create cluster foster care for orphaned children in the Western Cape.

KIN Culture’s online shop is stocked with ceramic tableware, men’s and women’s fashion, tote bags and other décor items by the local makers. The trio of designer labels were attracted by KIN Culture’s mission to establish a self-sustainable eco-village where orphans will live with foster families in a safe and community-oriented environment.

“We were inspired to create a platform for people to be who they were created to be,” says Non-European’s co-owner and designer, Louis Erasmus. Collaborating with KIN Culture means bypassing the retail with profits going instead towards building and sustaining the village.
The organisation is currently looking for land on which to build its cluster development, which will include housing, a school with the latest education tools, shops and a dedicated clinic. The KIN Culture team currently consists of teachers, a designer, an architect, an organisational psychologist, a chartered accountant and business people.
The long-term goal is to create small-scale factories and workshops within the village where products are created and new skills can be taught to the people of the surrounding communities. The next venture will involve generating capital and employment through agricultural ventures. KIN Culture still need to overcome a number of variables, such as government participation and start-up funding, before orphaned children can become part of a family again but they are working towards opening their doors within a year.