Madiba-inspired fashion

The new 46664 apparel range celebrates and honours Madiba's legacy with stylish clothing for men, women and children.

At 92, Nelson Mandela is not only a living legend but also a style icon. Well-known for his unique and vibrant style, Madiba’s legacy will soon be available in the form of a new apparel range.

The 46664 apparel range is set to be launched locally in August 2011, and internationally in 2012. The latest trends and styles will be incorporated into the ranges for men, women and children, with quality as the distinguishing factor.

It is believed that the range will be priced so that the pieces will be available to all income groups with profits made from sales being donated to charity organisations. Further differentiated by its positive association to Madiba and the Nelson Mandela organisation, the clothing will work to further spread the scope of his humanitarian legacy.

Clothing and textile manufacturer Seardel and local fashion designers from ID Brand are currently working on the 46664 apparel range. It is believed that well-known designers will later be approached to also contribute to the collection. An internship programme will also allow young fashion designers to be part of what is believed to become a global fashion movement.