Lustre lights

A unique and extraordinary way to add light and colour to any home, Tom Dixon introduces his Lustre Lights.

The latest discovery in Tom Dixon's continuous exploration of extraordinary metallic finishes is a series of four pendant shades.

The Lustre lights are created by firing the stoneware shades in extreme heat using a top-secret glaze containing minerals and precious metals. This process results in a colour change that is reminiscent of peacock feathers or oil slicks on water. As the glaze fixes to the stoneware in unpredictable ways, no two pieces are the same. This enables each customer to have a unique and different object.

The shade reflects an array of colours not only when lit but also when light catches it from the outside.

The first stoneware object in the collection is availabe in four geometric designs, inspired by a collision of Mayan temples and Art Deco constructions.

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