Livi brings nature indoors

The portable planter has a new take on interacting with nature.

Hooman Koliji and his team of architects and designers have created Livi, a portable planter that has the future of human interaction with nature in mind. Koliji, an architecture professor and landscape designer says the team is dedicated to developing “new ways in which we as humans can incorporate plants and ecological systems into the built environment.”

The Livi project has turned to Kickstarter to get off the ground. The inspiration behind the concept came from trying to reimagine our interaction with nature in interior spaces: “We believe that many people view plants as static decorations, relegated to the corner of a room, table, or window ledge. We want to change this perception.”

The design allows users to grow plants almost anywhere. “We are… interested in enhancing people's lives at home or in the workplace by engaging with greenery through Livi,” reads the campaign.

Livi’s micro suction palms, which were designed in Japan, are made of a nanotechnology material that sticks to just about any smooth surface. The group describes Livi as “a colourful creature that reimagines the way we experience and relate to our plants.” 

Livi allows users to plant a variety of plants, flowers and herbs, by either placing a pot plant in its cavity or by planting the flower directly into Livi.

The planter is made using resin that is completely recyclable. “We are pleased to say that the entire manufacturing process is socially responsible,” say the team.