Limitless living

Flexible and multifunctional, the Living Tools collection of versatile furniture pieces is ideal for small spaces.

German designer Yi-Cong Lu has designed a range of three, highly versatile, furniture pieces that are ideal for small spaces.

The result of a “necessity is the mother of invention” moment, Lu created pieces that helps to organise living spaces, and is especially useful for those living and working in the same space.

Living Tools consists of Lightboy, Panel and Fade, with which one can use to individually adjust living spaces, ensuring the flexibility of various space utilisation scenarios.

Lightboy is s a floor lamp that collapses to be hung on the wall, while Panel can be either a wall-mounted whiteboard, a bookshelf, a desk or a clothing rod. Made of adjustable bars for subdividing spaces, Fade is curtain partition that can be used to enclose a workspace, or create a separate sleeping area for guests.