By the light of the jar

Have a bottle of sunshine with Consol's Solar Jar, a solar-powered light that combines energy efficiency with aesthetic pleasure.

Shine a little light… or bottle a litre of sunshine!

The new Consol Solar Jar is a solar-powered light inside the classic 1-litre Consol preserve jar. Offering both a practical and attractive lighting solution, the alternative light source is proving to be equally popular with campers, decorators, and as a low-cost, energy efficient lighting solution.

A small solar panel has been fitted inside the lid of the jar. This solar panel then draws on sunshine to power the LED light inside the jar. The sunlight-charged batteries allow the light to shine for up to six hours, before needing to he charged again.

An added benefit is that the Consol Solar Jar comes with a light switch, allowing the user to switch it on and off, as needed.

Apart from being really nifty, it’s great to know that the Consol jars are 100% recyclable and that each Consol glass jar is made using approximately 35% recycled materials.


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