Lego greenhouse at London2011

The world's first fully functional greenhouse made entirely of Lego bricks popped up in Covent Garden.

From the Series

Designers, it seems, never cease to come up with interesting applications for Lego bricks. Just recently we’ve seen a Lego letterpress, Gerrit Rietveld’s famous furniture reinterpreted in Lego and a Lego travelling workshop.

But the Lego Greenhouse at the London Design Festival is a world-first, with real plants and vegetables growing inside. Created by designer Sebastian Bergne, the installation was commissioned by Lego UK

The walls, floor and earth of the greenhouse consist of Lego bricks, demonstrating the possibilities of using Lego bricks in public spaces. The greenhouse is inspired by the design and cultural heritage of Covent Garden.

During the day the Lego Greenhouse could be mistaken for any suburban greenhouse but at night it takes on an entirely different look. At night, however, it turns into a glowing box, creating the idea that it is lit by the life of the plants it houses.