The laws of the universe, according to Troika

The worlds of science, mathematics and art collide in London-based design studio Troika’s first solo exhibition in North America.

Eva Rucki, Conny Freyer and Sebastien Noel, the trio behind Troika, are well known for their particular interest in outer-space perceptions and spatial experiences. Using their work as a medium to manipulate the way we see the world, Cartography of Control reveals a scientific approach to exploring some of the biggest questions about our universe, such as the laws of gravity and time. The exhibition also questions man-made structures, control and systems, and how these co-exist alongside the forces of nature.

Just as different maps can give different accounts of the same territory, so can different forms of knowledge reflect a more truthful image about the world.

The exhibition showcases a series of new and old works including drawings, installation and sculpture. 

“The Sum of All Possibilities” is a sculpture suspended from the ceiling that appears to be spiralling towards the floor in an infinite swirl. The piece “highlights the close and paradoxical relationship between time and perception, movement and finitude, form and flux”, according to the Los Angeles Kohn Gallery where the exhibition is being held.

A series of drawings titled “Cartography of Control” are made by the marks left on paper after an attempt to manipulate an electric charge: “The outcome of the work is both delicate and unruly, dominated by the tension between control over what is inherently uncontrollable.”

“Calculating the Universe” is a work constructed from thousands of dice by following a simple repetitive rule. The outcome is a series of random yet unique patterns. As described by the Kohn Gallery: “The work aims to consider the relationship between rules and the concepts of randomness and chaos.” 

Cartography of Control is on display at the Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles, California until 7 February, 2015.

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