A lamp for space-starved city dwellers

RISD graduate Matthew Lim has designed the Tack light – a portable lamp that can be magnetically attached to a wall-mounted plate.

Designed by Rhode Island School of Design graduate Matthew Lim, Tack is a lamp designed for modern urbanites. The lamp is petite in size and moves around the house effortlessly. It also fits into a bag for easy transportation.

It comes with adjustable brightness to create different moods and when Tack is turned off, the touch switch glows blue and becomes a nightlight. “Tack caters to our specific fast-paced lifestyle. It provides a compact light source for everyday applications,” says Lim.

The lighting system is comprised of four components: a light, a 180cm corded power supply, a magnetic mounting strip and 3M command stickers that attach the strip to any surface such as walls, cubicles, table edges.

To turn the light on or off, users need only tap the touchpad on its side, while tapping and holding the side can adjust the brightness. 

Lim arrived at the current iteration of Tack after making more than 20 prototypes. The young designer is the founder of Tack Studio, a design studio that focuses on creating thoughtful and meticulously designed tools for modern life.

Lim is currently raising funds on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter until 15 February.