Knocki turns any surface into an all-purpose remote control

A new smart device allows you to perform everyday functions with a simple knock on a wall, table or door.

Knocki is a smart device that responds to knocking motions on a chosen surface in order to perform an endless array of functions such as turning a light on, brewing a cup of coffee or turning up the volume on the television. To get a better idea of what it does, imagine this scenario: “Bob” climbs into bed and is able to set the household alarm by knocking on his bedside table. The knock triggers the Knocki attached to the table.

According to the product’s website, this is how the whole system works:

“Knocki uses Wi-Fi to connect to an automation server in the cloud, so when you transmit a command by knocking a surface, the server identifies the corresponding action and sends it to the appropriate device, software, or service.”

The orb-like, battery-operated gadget attaches to any surface – be it a wall, table or door – and is able to operate in any space where there is Wi-Fi connection. One Knocki can link to multiple functions so a user could transform a bedside table into a smart surface that can turn a lamp on or off, set or snooze an alarm and turn on the radio. The Knocki associates a unique knock pattern with a corresponding function, for example: a double tap on the hallway wall signals Knocki to request an Uber, while a single knock turns the lights on or off. A Knocki’s functions are managed via the iOS or android app, which is also used to initially set up the device.

To prevent any confusion with surrounding noises, designers built Knocki with a non-acoustic motion system that it is able to distinguish a knock from other sounds like music or clapping.

The end goal is to turn a house into a smart home by sticking multiple Knockis onto various surfaces, which will perform several functions in different rooms without the need for smartphones, switches, remotes or buttons. The Knocki can also simplify existing smart homes as it has the ability to link up to any smart device including smart home interfaces currently on the market.

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