The KNIT by Curver collection celebrates functional, colourful deep-texture design

The KNIT by Curver collection combines a 3D-knitted look with functional, plastic products.

The KNIT by Curver collection, a 5-storey staircase installation, combines the look and feel of 3D-knitted textiles with the everyday, functional qualities of plastic. Created by global plastic manufacturer Curver, in collaboration with London-based trend forecasting agency FranklinTill Studio, the installation introduces viewers to a collection of deep texture injected moulded products in a sophisticated colour palette.

“As creative trend & colour forecasters we are delighted to be collaborating with Curver on KNIT to curate and showcase an exciting collection that combines true material innovation with directional design styling and colour application”, says Kate Franklin, FranklinTill Studio. 

The collections were on display during the month of September at Central St. Martin’s College. The collection was created using a new method of deep-texture injection that applies a 3D-knitted look to traditional knitting patterns.

The specially curated collection featured a stairwell installation, which displayed items suspended from the ceiling – outdoor/indoor furniture and accessories – presented in a playful and colourful interaction of product, background and lighting.

A second display, in the Press Room, featured the main still life set alongside a number of colourful mini still-life compositions of the products.