Kitchen basics

Dutch designer Ineke Hans has created two new products for RoyalVKB.

Ineke Hans has designed a range of clever serving pieces whose streamlined design speaks to their function for Dutch brand RoyalVKB.

The Fresh Bowl is a small perforated bowl and saucer perfect for storing dry food and wet fruit. The saucer can be used as a lid for the bowl or can be placed underneath it to serve as a drain for washed berries and other wet fruit. The item is made from melamine but the skin looks like cast iron.

Special Spoons are a neat set of helping hands for tapas and pickle consumption. Hans designed five spoons, each for a different use: a tiny spoon for chilli, horseradish and wasabi; a pointy fork for getting gherkins out of a jar; a perforated spoon for olives and small onions; a spoon for scooping mayonnaise from jars and for spreading tapenades; and a scoop for jams and chutneys. Each spoon has a little step on the back of the handle that allows the spoon to balance on the rim of jars to prevent it from sinking in. 

Watch the Talk with Ineke Hans