"Keep In Touch" by Dope Saint Jude featuring Angel-Ho

A sassy track with catchy wordplay by Catherine St Jude, a new female rapper from the Cape Flats.

Track of the Week "Keep in Touch" is the latest sassy single by Dope Saint Jude, a new young rapper from Kensington, Cape Town, whose real name is Catherine St Jude. She is accompanied by "Nu-Queer" performance artist Angel-Ho, following a stellar performance at Design Indaba Music 2015. A feminist activist, rapper and academic, Saint Jude injects her lyrics with catchy, clever wordplay that mixes up street slang, Cape Flats Afrikaans and 'Gayle', South Africa's very own underground gay terminology. "Keep in Touch" plays with the tensions that exists between the different sexes, as well as between the upper echelons of society and the everyday man (or woman) on the street. "I'm a soldier, I'm a queen," she proclaims. "Tattoos, but I'm still pristine."

Saint Jude wants to raise the standard of the female presence in Cape Town. "I am very excited about the emergence of female musicians in Cape Town. It is so important for young women to make their voices heard. I would like to see more collaborations happening between us. I feel that often women are taught to see each other as competition instead of as allies. I hope that we, as young musicians, break this pattern, and work together to forge a strong music scene from Cape Town."

"I started production on the track in mid-2014," says Saint Jude. "I wanted a vogue song and funnily enough, I used an EMINEM sample kit and transposed it to create different sounds. Angel-Ho and I then got together and penned the lyrics the day after production. We wanted a song that was fun, yet political. I remember riding my bicycle to Obs while listening to the track, and thinking 'Yass girl, this one is a winner'."