Angel-Ho is a Cape Town artist who uses drag performance and sound to disrupt notions of gender.

Angel-Ho is the performance persona of Angelo Valerio, a Cape Town-based artist. Valerio uses the character of Angel-Ho to start a dialogue about classism, identity, sexuality, gender and more. The performance surrounds a representation of the "Nu-Queer" identity: one that is not subject to dehumanisation, objectification or "othering", and instead elevates the body to a position of power. Using arbitrary sound accompanied by a conceptual drag performance that plays with masculine and feminine gesture and dress, all connotations are removed, making it impossible to classify gender.

Through the sound piece titled Ascension, Angel-Ho aims to transcend the concept of gender. The idea of ascension – meaning to rise above, move forward, progress, with its connotations of awakening – resonates with the artist as a reboot of or re-connection to the socio-political state of South Africa. Angel-Ho uses sound as a medium and as a tool to demystify the concepts of the Rainbow Nation, equality, nationalism and identity. The artist's objective is always to disrupt and redirect focus using sound as a means for reconciling and re-imagining South Africa.