Kaleidoscope trophy

Nendo draws on the look and feel of Wallpaper* magazine to create a trophy for the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2013.

A kaleidoscope serves as the inspiration for Nendo's trophy design for Wallpaper*’s annual Wallpaper* Design Awards, using only a mirror and blank sheets of paper.

Resembling the simplistic design of the magazine itself, the trophy is made from a blank sheet of paper that has been twisted and folded into a three-dimensional object.

Nendo incorporate the essence of the magazine into the trophy by placing a mirror on the inside to reflect the magazine’s five-pointed asterisk logo in a multitude of colours and patterns. The mirror shines through a cut-out pattern of the five-pointed asterisk in a perfectly measured 72-degree angle pattern.

The kaleidoscope trophy aims to encourage winners of the 11 categories to have fun deciding where to display their trophy.

Nendo successfully captured Wallpaper*’s chameleon-like ability to identify and highlight emerging trends around the world through incorporating the mirror into the trophy to reveal an always-changing pattern.