The Italian job

A new range called "Due" ("two" in Italian) from Cape Town-based SMITH Jewellery will be on display at Design Indaba Expo 2015.

From elegant brass and copper to the slightly sinister silver talons, Anna Raimondo certainly has a unique approach to jewellery design. Raimondo launched her range SMITH in 2010 after returning from several years of studying and travelling abroad, and she draws inspiration for her designs from the varied and exotic cultures she passed through on her journeys. 

Each exquisite piece is crafted by hand to ensure that no two are identical. From the smallest of her pendants to her bulkier bangles, Raimondo’s designs have her signature contemporary style. She strives for simple elegance and to find new ways to interpret the complexities of natural form.

Raimondo’s men’s range was launched in 2011. Inspired by the Victorian gentleman, Raimondo endeavours to innovate traditional men’s jewellery.  

This collection, Due – meaning “two” in Italian – has been influenced by both Italian and South African design: the sleek design of Italy and the shapes and colours of indigenous cultures. The combination of traditional beadwork, highly polished brass and semi-precious stones create the unique look of the collection.