Intricate paper cuts embrace the chaos of the concrete jungle

Skyscrapers, communication towers and nature combine in artist Bovey Lee’s maze-like work.

Born in Hong Kong, Bovey Lee has been practising calligraphy since the age of ten. In 2005 with two Master's degrees under her belt, she relocated from China to Pittsburg, USA, where she created her first cut paperwork. Since then, she has been using her intricate illustrations to comment on social issues and environmental issues. According to Inhabitat, her latest work takes inspiration from her recent move to Los Angeles. In these illustrations, she combines the tactile surfaces of the man-made jungle with the vulnerability and beauty of nature.

Currently on show at Los Angeles’ Gavlak Gallery, her whimsical creations feature forests nestled between rollercoasters, and flower bouquets peeking out behind skyscrapers.

“While seeking balance, eternity, stability, and harmony in both relationships, the journey we take on are often complex, dramatic, changing, and lopsided,” she was quoted as saying. “But there is also incredible beauty, energy, richness, and even whimsy in chaos and imperfections through the ups and downs, and trial and error.”