Interview set

With waste materials cut into blocks measuring 40mm x 40mm, Piet Hein Eek created a set of furniture that gives new meaning to the term "waste not, want not".

It happens too often that valuable raw, and processed, materials are wasted simply because the cost of the labour to turn it into something useful or beautiful is too high.

This is an issue that Piet Hein Eek has been battling with for years – what to do with the waste materials.

As a solution to this problem he came up with the Waste-Waste 40x40 Interview Set, a project in which Eek makes “the most elaborate objects using blocks of waste measuring 40mm x 40mm”.

The Interview Set comprises tables and chairs all made using blocks of waste wood of 40mm by 40mm in size. Using blocks of this size became an effective way to utilise even the smallest bits of off-cuts

The size of the blocks ultimately define the look of the furniture, Eek explains. “Straight-edged shapes are formed which are always a multiple of 40mm.”

Interview Set was made for the Ruinart stand at Art Basel and also shown at Masterpiece London earlier this year. 

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