Innovative excellence

Super Design 2010 highlights the synergy between visual arts and design, and features the best in recent innovation.

Super Design 2010 is a design art exhibition that features work from a variety of top international galleries.

Runnin  during the Frieze Art Fair in London, from 12 to 17 October 2010, Super Design is a celebration of innovative design and craftsmanship and includes work from galleries like The Apartment, D&A Lab, Quadrige, Vessel Gallery and Mitterrand-Cramer.

Highlights include The Apartment’s two new chandeliers from the lighting series “Digit” by Emmanuel Babled. The “Digit Superball” and the “Digit Linear” are made using Murano glass. The Apartment also presents Michael Young’s “Newspaper Shade” inspired by old paper folding techniques from Hong Kong and Brodie Neill’s “Threefold” light with a aluminium surface in the form of a mobius strip.

The Vessel Gallery will be showcasing a series of lighting projects from creatives Olgoj Chorchoj and Marco Dessi. They will also be presenting a selection of artglass from collaborations between the likes of Lena Bergstrom, Baldwin and Guggisberg, Rony Plesl, and Katy Holford.

Jonathan Monk’s “The Low Table 1984” presented by D&A Lab is sure to be another hit. It was inspired by renowned artist Donald Judd’s iconic metal "Bookshelf" created in 1984.

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