Infinity and beyond

It's to infinity and beyond with Ron Arad's take multi-functional Folly bench.

Resembling a Möbius strip, Ron Arad’s Folly bench explores and pushes the technical boundaries of industrial materials.

The line between sculpture and design is very thin in Arad‘s work. His work, whether functional or purely aesthetic, is often characterised by motion, and Folly is no different.

The bench is made from plastic and resembles an infinity symbol. The seating and backrests run into one another seamlessly in order to create a functional unit that seems to go on forever. Seating eight to ten people, Folly is the perfect unit for both indoor and outdoor use.

The multi-functional bench is available in a unique rust-brown colour and can be fastened to the floor for extra strength and durability.

Folly formed part of Arad’s In Reverse exhibition earlier this year and is now produced by Magis

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