Inarchi: Lights that float against the wall

Light design firm Inarchi create elaborate chandelier light installations for projects all around the world.

The challenging art of minimalism, where every millimetre is accounted for, is mastered in the Inarchi range. The craftsmanship leads to uncluttered designs, unprecedented aesthetic value, and profound functionality.

Every aspect of the light fixtures created by the brand brings another facet of the creators’ imagination to the surface as they explore new tools and materials.

Founded by Janos Héder and Judit Zoltai, light design firm Inarchi create elaborate chandelier light installations for projects all around the world. Recently they have focussed their creative energy on bringing to life lights that are pure and minimal in form and provide a space with an atmospheric glow.

In July 2016, head designer János Héder was awarded a Red Dot Award for his lighting creation Ray. Giving an almost impossible illusion on the wall, the three-point steel light can be infinitely multiplied to give instant depth and pattern. Ray is an ingenious, three-dimensional design that quickly catches the eye.

Only products that set themselves apart considerably through their excellent design receive the sought-after quality seal from the international Red Dot jury. The Red Dot Award is the most substantial international prize in the design industry, has been celebrating the excellent quality of projects and manufacturers since 1955.

Inarchi Product

Frame: Perfect Symmetry

Frame was undoubtedly the most popular Inarchi model in 2015.  Architectural in shape, the Frame disperses beautiful light into any space that it occupies.

Inarchi Product

Light Beam

Light Beam has an uncanny marble body, sculpted in ways that seem impossible. This graceful light becomes focal point in any premium interior.

Inarchi Product


The award-winning Rutil design has attracted the attention of design enthusiasts around the globe.The various finishes, the outlines ranging from ultra-thin 8mm to a well-noticeable 28mm width, ensure a wide range of thicknesses to fuel the fantasy of any lighting designer. Be it bathrooms or reading corners, stairways or entry halls, the Rutil offer a cutting-edge new look.

Inarchi Product


Geo is a floating, orb-like light with an asymmetrical finish. This pendant seemingly defies gravity, introducing a magical presence into any space!

Inarchi Product


Hexan is a unique combination of heaviness and featherweight lightness. The bronze version is a full, cast bronze face made to have solid presence in the space it occupies. Meanwhile the glass and steel versions are almost secret in their presence, hardly visible to the observer. Hexan is the most stylish way to play with the attention of the observer in any space.

Inarchi Product

Sasso: Floating stones

The Inarchi Sasso product family demonstrates the beauty of illusions: items that are explicitly heavy, yet have the shape and grace to float in front of the wall. Made from a wide selection of marbles, the Sasso lights are elegant and distinctive.