Immersive holographic rooms are on Amazon’s to-do list

Amazon’s future projects could involve holograms for immersive, interactive uses.

Amazon was recently granted a patent for a concept that could see any space turned into a holographic wonderland. The technology, once developed by the company, could turn flat surfaces like a wall or a table into interactive touch screens and it could have exciting implications for game design.

According to the patent document titled “Reflector-Based Depth Mapping of a Scene,” the set-up features a complex mixture of projectors, cameras and light beams. Using 3D-mapping technology, the system’s camera records as varying beams of light fill the space, creating a 3D map of the room. It will record the dimensions and deformation associated with each object and surface in the space.

When the mapping is complete, the projectors flash images to the surfaces and objects mapped in the room, synthesizing a holographic effect. For example, an interactive screen can be displayed on a wall or objects can be turned into weapons in a game.

While it is unclear whether Amazon already has the prototype, it is expected that the system would be mounted on room ceilings for personal, business, or retail use. The first phase would be to project interactive screens onto walls, tables or sheets of paper. 

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