Illustrator sketches the ghosts of projects yet to come

Artist and illustrator Marta Menacho creates delicate watercolour and ink drawings of imagined works by anonymous artist group Luzinteruptus.

Artist Marta Menacho is based in Murcia, Spain. While Menacho was studying Fine Arts in Granada in 2009, she was approached by anonymous artist group Luzinteruptus, who needed an artist to help them visualise some of their projects. Since then, Menachos watercolour and ink imaginings of the groups work have become part of their aesthetic.

Guerilla artists Luzinteruptus carry out urban interventions in public spaces using light as their medium. Many of their installations have a political or environmental undertone: their most recent works criticised a new government bill in Spain and commented on the Greek financial crisis. In the past they have created huge Christmas tree made of plastic waste, highlighting the woeful consumerism of the season.

However, their work is not always serious and their imagined projects – which are prompted by playful ideas, rather than response to immediate offences – are more poetic. Menacho creates drawings for these prospective projects entirely by hand.

“I put in all my love when I elaborate each of the illustrations, and I try to make the drawing as spectacular for the viewer as the reality will be,” says Menacho.

As well as her work in ink for Luzinteruptus, Menacho also co-founded ceramic studio Proyecto Cerámico, and is contributing to an erotic book called “Arde el trópico" (Burn the Tropics), which will be published in September.