Matali Crasset’s new lanterns aim to establish a connection between heritage and contemporary relevance in Saint Bénigne Cathedral.

Matali Crasset recently designed 11 large lanterns for the Saint Bénigne Cathedral in Dijon, France. Rising to the challenge of designing for a historic monument, Crasset wanted to create a contemporary look without compromising the importance of the location, architecture and specific nature of a place of worship.

The project developed around the central nave and the alcoves with the idea to create as much volume as possible with the least amount of materials. The light takes “refuge” in a wire-frame form.

Reminiscent of a fluid form that simply slides along the chain, the shape of the lights becomes transcendental above the worshipers. The shape is also classic, recalling designs of 18th-century lanterns.

Crasset’s project works on the duplication and repetition of shape. The same piece is repeated in the space, eventually allowing this repeated object to shape the space.

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